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We conduct site reviews of specific properties to advise property owners whether or not a parcel can be developed utilizing a sewage treatment system.

A sanitarian visits the property, reviews information submitted in the Site and Soil Evaluation, verifies the location of the proposed sewage treatment system, identifies potential limitations, and determines if the type of sewage treatment system submitted in the Layout Plan or Design Plan can be utilized on the property. If you need assistance developing a site plan, please refer to the list of STS Designers who commonly work in the Cuyahoga County area.

A Site Review Application must be completed for all proposed STS installations.

Property owners can review the process for site review using the Site Review Procedures document. 

Site and Soil Evaluation Form is required to be submitted to our office. Please read the Site and Soil Evaluation Instructions before completing the evaluation form. A list of Soil Evaluators can be found on the Ohio Department of Health’s website.


Plans and Payment

Basic off-lot discharging sewage system designs can be approved through an expedited process with simplified submittal requirements.

This process requires the submittal of a basic site plan that can be promptly reviewed by the Board of Health. Upon approval, a Recommendation of Coverage letter and a Notice of Intent (NOI) are provided to the property owner.

This information, along with a check for $200 made payable to Treasurer, State of Ohio, should be sent to the Ohio EPA to obtain  NPDES General Permit coverage for the proposed installation of a discharging sewage system.

Site Review details for off-lot system designs can be found here: Site Review Requirements for an HSTS Requiring NPDES Coverage.

Please send the NPDES Permit documents to:

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Fiscal Administration
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049


Application for Installation

Once the property owner obtains site review approval, an Application For A Permit To Install A Sewage Treatment System can be submitted to the Board of Health.

If it is determined that the proposed development can not occur utilizing individual sewage treatment systems, the developer may choose to contact the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for assistance.

Likewise, a developer proposing a larger subdivision that will utilize individual sewage treatment systems will be required to contact the Ohio EPA to request an evaluation of the property to determine whether or not the property can be developed utilizing a central wastewater treatment plant or by extending an existing sanitary sewer line in the area.

Ohio EPA
Northeast District Office
2110 East Aurora Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

Phone: 330.425.9171
Fax: 330.487.0769