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Food safety education is a critical component of our food protection program. Our goal is to work together with our local operators so that they can provide a consistently safe and healthy environment for their staff and customers.

We specialize in food safety instruction and education for industry professionals, and also provide food safety guidance for the general public.

Educational requirements are outlined in Ohio Administrative Code, 3701-21-25. The code identifies the operator(s) with food safety knowledge as the Person-in-Charge (PIC).


Types of certification

There are two kinds of food safety certification levels: Person-in-Charge, formerly known as Level 1, and ServSafe, formerly known as Level 2.

As of March 1, 2010, changes to the food code were added that require all new food operators to have at least one Person-in-Charge on duty at all times.

As of March 1, 2017,  all Risk Level 3 and Risk Level 4 licensed food operations are required to have at least one management or supervisory employee with a ServSafe certification in food protection.



Person-in-Charge certification in food protection provides basic safety and food handling training for students. It is recommended for all entry-level food workers.

The Person-in-Charge class is delivered in a traditional classroom format and takes approximately three hours to complete.

Classes are typically scheduled and held at our Parma office, but may also be held at other area locations.

A study guide can be found at bottom of this page along with the applications.

We also offer a corporate version of our Person-in-Charge training, which is held at your facility and specifically designed to meet the needs and concerns of your operation. Requirements for a corporate Person-in-Charge training are:

  • A minimum of twenty (20) students
  • A location that is equipped to allow for the presentation as well as tables, chairs, restrooms, etc.

Please contact Suzanne Hrusch or call 216.201.2000 for more information.


2023 CCBH PIC Schedule and Application

Fee Schedule
Person-in-Charge (PIC) class – $30 per person
Corporate Rate (20-50 students) – $600


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