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Over 80 percent of new parents in Ohio breastfeed their babies.  Many want to continue after they return to work.
It’s also required by law for hourly workers.

Employer support with simple lactation accommodations can make all the difference.  Best of all, it’s not hard to do and it can bring positive financial benefits to your business.

Even if you already provide basic support, you can easily upgrade your efforts with our help.

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Benefits of supporting lactating mothers in the workplace include:

  • Lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism for both mothers and fathers as well as turnover rates
  • Improves employee recruitment, productivity, loyalty and morale
  • Enhance your image as a family-friendly employer


Goals for employers

  • Include a new lactation support policy in your employee handbook
  • Provide or upgrade an existing lactation area


Breastfeeding-friendly Workplace Champions

We are pleased to recognize the following local businesses for their effort in developing appropriate policy and creating lactation spaces for their workforce:

Cleveland Children’s Daycare Academy in Parma

Cleveland Public Libraries in Cleveland



Links and Resources

Breastfeeding Awareness Month proclamation 2022
Considerations for safe lactation spaces
Employer resources
Employer support guide
Workplace poster – 11 x 14
Workplace poster – 18 x 24


Ohio Department of Health Program Contact:

Meredith Smith, RD, LD, CLS
Title V Breastfeeding Coordinator
Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health